Pesticide poisoning of animals in 2011 investigations of suspected incidents in Scotland

7. A total of 237 suspected poisoning incidents were referred to the WIIS Scotland throughout 2011 (Figure 1). Four incidents were excluded leaving 233 incidents accepted for subsequent investigation.

8. The cause of death or illness was established in 129 incidents. 25 of these incidents involved pesticides and were assigned to an appropriate WIIS category. In the remaining 104 incidents, death of the animal was concluded to be due to starvation (28), disease (7), trauma (68) and ethylene glycol (1).

9. One incident was attributed to the approved use of pesticides. Three incidents were categorised as misuse. Two involved dogs and the other involved cattle. In a further 5 incidents, it was not possible to identify a specific source of the pesticide residues detected and the cause of each incident was categorised as unspecified use. Sixteen incidents were categorised as abuse. Further details of these poisoning incidents are provided in the Categorised Incidents section. A breakdown of all 233 incidents is presented in Tables 1-3.

Table 1: Number of incidents investigated in 2011

Sample classificationa Incidents Investigated Incidents involving pesticidesb Categorised incidentsc Incidents with other known cause of death or illness Vertebrate wildlife 177 84 17 100 Livestock 1 1 1 0 Companion animals 35 6 5 2 Honey bees 5 0 0 2 Bait, chemical or paraphernalia 15 3 2 Not applicable TOTAL 233 94 25 104 a Where single incidents involved submission of several sample types – the sample was simply classified by the first named specimen.

b All incidents including those involving veterinary medicines and ethylene glycol.

c Incidents involving ethylene glycol and veterinary drugs only were not assigned to a WIIS category.

A list of the pesticides and other chemicals detected during 2011 is presented in Table 2.

Table 2: Identity and frequency of pesticides detected in incidents and associated sample types

Chemical Number of positive incidents Sample typea aldicarb 3 bait, buzzard, cat aldicarb sulfoxideb 3 bait, buzzard, cat bendiocarb 2 raven, red kite brodifacoum 26 buzzard, dog, fox, red kite, sea eagle, sparrowhawk, tawny owl bromadiolone 61 bait, barn owl, buzzard, dog, fox, golden eagle, kestrel, otter, peregrine falcon, rabbit, red kite, sparrowhawk, tawny owl carbofuran 9 buzzard, chemical, golden eagle, raven, red kite, sparrowhawk chloralose 2 bait, buzzard, crow, paraphernalia, red kite coumatetralyl 4 fox, peregrine falcon, tawny owl diazinon 1 chemical difenacoum 34 buzzard, fox, red kite, sea eagle, sparrowhawk dimetridazole 1 chemical ethylene glycol 1 cat metaldehyde 1 cattle methiocarb 1 dog novocaine 1 chemical oxytetracycline 1 chemical penicillin G 1 chemical strychnine 1 bait, peregrine falcon a An individual incident may have involved submission of multiple sample types and/or detection of more than one pesticide.

b Aldicarb sulfoxide is a metabolite of aldicarb

Table 3 contains details of the variety and number of specimens tested by SASA Pesticides Wildlife Branch and the number where pesticide residues were detected. soil, debris 49 (26) Total number of specimens tested 365 (137)

perfect pose as GAA girls go glam

Ireland’s lady GAA stars have swapped the mucky boots, drenched jerseys and baggy tracksuits for glamorous evening wear as they turned out to strut their stuff for a charity calendar (right).

The 12 players are featured in their glad rags with perfect hair and make-up in the pages of a 2011 calendar aimed at raising funds to fight breast cancer.

Cork full-back Angela Walsh (25), who has five All-Ireland medals in her trophy cabinet, joined the other 11 ladies in Galway last night for the launch of the calendar.

“It was certainly different to how we look when we’re playing football, but it was good fun and I think all the girls enjoyed it.

“I was delighted to help when I heard it was for Breast Cancer Ireland. It was good fun and nice to bring out our feminine side,” Angela said.

A teacher of maths and PE at St Augustine’s College in Dungarvan, Waterford, Angela is pictured for the month of June in a three-quarter length, navy evening gown with cowl neck.

Eliza Downey of Down is a dual GAA and rugby star. A full back in football she also plays on the wing for the Irish ladies’ rugby team.

She is pictured in an Audrey Hepburn-style black cocktail dress and strikes a moody pose with startling red lips, reminiscent of the 1950s, for the month of October.

“In our lifetime we’ll probably never have such a styled experience, but as it is for such a good cause I was honoured to be able to put my name to it,” Eliza said.

“It also differentiates us from the stereotype of the GAA woman in jerseys, shorts and tracksuits and we all enjoyed posing for a real glamour shoot,” she added. All-Ireland winner Colleen Barrett, of Dublin, is still basking in her county’s unforgettable victory, and joins her inter-county teammates as the glamour shoot rounds off a perfect year for the Blanchardstown national school teacher.

Colleen lights up the month of May in a peach mid-length evening gown decorated with sequins.

The other players featured in the calendar are Clodagh Martin of Mayo (January); Therese McNally, Monaghan (February); Edel Hanley, Tipperary (March); Una Carroll, Galway (April); Grace Lydon, Louth (July); Aisling Holton, Kildare (August); Tracey Lawlor, Laois (September); Eimear Considine, Clare (November); and Sinead McLoughlin, Tyrone (December).

Pepsi adds fizz to IPL sponsorship

With the Indian Premier League kicking off from Tuesday, chief sponsor PepsiCo India is looking to add more fizz to its association with the T20 cricket league.

The beverage major is pulling out all the stops to get bang for its buck. From branded player dug-outs and digital in-stadia signage to launching a special fan can, Pepsi has lined up several initiatives with eight of the nine franchisees it has tied up with. It is also a co-presenting sponsor on the official broadcaster SET Max.

look at IPL as a strategic acquisition as it is the most popular cricket tournament and offers the biggest broadcasting opportunity. Nearly 50 per cent of the volumes of beverages for us come during the summer season and the tournament offers a strong correlation for us, said Deepika Warrier, Vice-President, Beverage Marketing, PepsiCo India. is a perfect platform as it provides wider reach and engagement opportunities with our core target audience in the peak beverage season, she added. The company expects a substantial sales spike during the IPL season as well.

Speaking to Business Line about the company strategy to tie up with eight of the nine franchisees, she said besides a national marketing strategy, PepsiCo India will also have specific regional plans for its entire brand portfolio. the South, our collaboration is with Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore for 7 UP. We have similar strong partnerships for Mountain Dew in the northern region, she added. The firm, which has mostly multi-year deals with the franchisees, hopes it might be able to extend it to all the nine franchisees in the next season.

Besides launching the first leg of its campaign featuring Ranbir Kapoor in a dramatically different look, Warrier said that the company has managed to leverage the visibility in the stadiums far more powerfully than ever done before.

The BCCI has allowed Pepsi to spruce up the player dug-out which will have Pepsi branding and will be shaped like a Pepsi Can. It will also have branded air-conditioned VIP boxes in stadiums offering a chance for fans to watch the cricket action with access to celebrities and experts. PepsiCo is also launching a specially branded 500 ml Fan Can priced at Rs 35 to mark its association with IPL.

Asked if the company is looking to launch new products during the IPL, Warrier said the company plans to use IPL as a launch pad as well test its products in the stadiums but did not reveal specifics.

It has also introduced the Pepsi Cheer Horn which will take the Vuvuzela sound (made famous at the Fifa World Cup in South Africa) and mix it with Pepsi Oh Yes Abhi anthem.

Also at the start of each innings, the match countdown will end with this chant. Stadiums will also sport Pepsi 3D pitch mats, stumps and digital signage and perimetre boards. have taken the integration and brand association with the T20 league to the next level, said Warrier.

Also on the cards is the launch of the new Pepsi Web site to engage with consumers online as it also plans to launch a twitter application that will allow consumers to play a cricket match through twitter.

Asked if PepsiCo expects high buzz for IPL in terms of television viewership ratings as well as in the stadium, Warrier said that the stadiums were full even in the last season. The male target audience ratings have been growing and the organisers are also working towards growing the family and female viewership for the league.

PC game sequel ‘Dawn of War II’ requires Windows Live ID

It’s the mandatory registration that is irking some players.

Dawn of War II requires players to sign up for a Games for Windows LIVE profile (Windows Live ID) if they don’t have one already — even to play an offline, single-player game. If you don’t sign up, you can’t play.

We asked THQ why.

Their reply:

Yes, it is mandatory to create an offline profile to play single player campaign. But, this is done entirely the in-game through the GFWL [Games for Windows Live] guide, meaning it doesn’t need an Internet connection and doesn’t require any registration, password, email, etc. The reason for this is primarily the Achievement system as the Games for Windows – LIVE Achievements system is tied into LIVE enabled profiles and are bound to player’s gamertags. Users that do not create LIVE enable profiles are missing out on some really cool features of the platform. Past games that utilized GFWL did not do this, and many gamers would go hours before realizing they had to start all over to begin earning achievements.

Michael Wolf, the Games For Windows Live senior marketing manager at Microsoft, said this decision was due, in part, for Achievements. But he also says that signing in to a profile makes it easier to download and import additional campaigns should THQ make downloadable content (DLC) available in the future.

“In past PC games, when a Windows Live profile wasn’t required, there were some issues with downloadable content because it wasn’t associated with a gamertag” says Wolf. “We want to prevent that from happening again, so the best solution was to require you to log into a profile or create one if you don’t have one already.”

Wolf says the experience is similar to an Xbox 360 title that requires the gamer to choose a profile before playing a single-player game, but concedes it’s a relatively new procedure for computer gamers.

“Microsoft didn’t tell Relic [the game developer] or THQ they have to do this” adds Wold. “It wasn’t a mandate from us, but we did recommend it to avoid future issues.”

As to what Microsoft does with this customer list, Wolf says Microsoft has strict privacy guidelines in place. If a player elects not to receive communication from business partners, they won’t, nor will the company disclose user information to third parties without explicit approval.

PAW Scotland Wildlife Crime Definition

The following definition was agreed by PAW Scotland and is intended to provide a reference for partners. The list provided is not intended to be exhaustive, but to provide a guide.

You can also download this as a PDF below.

Agriculture (Scotland) Act 1948Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006Conservation (Natural Habitats, Regulations 1994COTESDeer (Scotland) Act 1996Game (Scotland) Act 1832 (and others)Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 *Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004Possession of Pesticides (Scotland) Order 2005Protection of Badgers Act 1992Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation)(Scotland) Act 2003 (and others)Spring Traps Approvals OrdersWild Mammals (Protection), Act 1996Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981* This replaces the Conservation of Seals Act 1970, for the purposes of this list.

Downloadable document:PAWS – Wildlife Crime Definition – as agreed by PAW Scotland in 2010 – amended in April 2011 to add Marine Act – PDFPAWS – Wildlife Crime Definition – as agreed by PAW Scotland in 2010 – amended in April 2011 to add Marine Act – PDF [PDF, 20.9 kb: 18Apr2011]